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New schedule coming soon for Friday 1st October 2021!

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Past schedule for January event

Sam Hodgkinson

Sam Hodgkinson

VP Sales

Sam Hodgkinson – 11:00 AM

Roxhill Media

Pitch to journalists like a PR pro

Jake Barrett – 12.00 PM

Film Production

Video is no longer a luxury

Adam Nichols – 12.30 PM

Rossyn David

When it comes to growth, attracting the right talent is hugely important.

Helena Barras – 1:00 pm

Newcastle Building Society

How the right Branding and sponsorship can grow customer loyalty

Steve Price – 2:15 PM

Graphic Designer – Creative

Creative and messaging Strategy

Oliver Bolton – 3:00 PM


Growth with Climate Neutral Strategies

Maisie Bamford – 3:30 PM

Digital Ethos

How to Pitch Like a PR Pro

Larry Kim – 4:30 PM

CEO of MobileMonkey

Facebook ad growth hacks and start up growth hacks