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Past Speakers

With speakers from Branding to SEO, employee engagement to growing your money tree there will be a Speaker for you. Our previous speakers include:

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Lucija Marinov

Facebook - Partner

Talking about her own experience in the industry, working with C-levels across EMEA markets helping them achieve their goals!

Reach out stage – 12:30 PM

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David Fox

LinkedIn - Strategy Director

Do Business where Business is Done

Money tree stage – 3:30 PM

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Ogie Hollywood

Google - Key Account Director

Is simplicity the ultimate sophistication? A digital marketing perspective

Tech brain stage – 1:00 PM

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Michal Pecanek

Ahrefs - Content and SEO specialist

SEO Data Mythbusting: Are You Analyzing the Right Data?

Tech brain stage – 12:30 PM

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Chris Burgess

LinkedIn - Glint - Senior Account Director

Employee engagement to grow your profitability

Reach out stage – 12:00 PM

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William Hansen

Xtreme Push - Head of Mobile

Maximising customer engagement in 2021 (being Mobile first)

Tech brain stage – 11:30 AM

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Luke Tobin

Digital Ethos – Managing Director

Scale up with momentum

Money tree stage – 11:30 AM

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Larry Kim

CEO of MobileMonkey

The Top 3 Facebook Ad Hacks for 2021

Imagination stage –  4:30 PM

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Finley Cope

Founder Bazar App

Building a Founding Team, Validating your product and Raising Seed Funding.

Tech brain stage –  10:30 AM

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Nina Stephenson-Camps

Introducing....Integrating growth
Integrating growth with wellbeing

Wellbeing break – 11:00 AM

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Oliver Bolton


Growth with Climate Neutral Strategies

Imagination stage – 3:00 PM

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Goldie Chan

Founder | Warm Robots

Growing Your Personal Brand in 2021

Money tree stage – 4:00 PM

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Adam Nichols

Rosslyn David - The Marketing Headhunters

When it comes to growth, attracting the right talent is hugely important.

Imagination stage – 12:30 PM

Full BIO

Nik Hudson

Digital Ethos - Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation: 10 tips to turn web visitors into buyers.

Tech brain stage – 3:30 PM

Full BIO

Sarkis Salleh

Managing Director of ITQ Digital

Empowering the challengers of the e-Commerce market

Money tree stage –  10:00 AM

Full BIO

Nin Gandhi-Patel

Business Growth Consultant
The next evolution in website engagement – how to reduce your bounce rate
Tech brain stage – 4:00 PM
Full BIO

Maisie Bamford

Digital Ethos - Digital PR Consultant

How to Pitch Like a PR Pro

Imagination stage – 3:30 PM

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Dixon Jones

InLinks - SEO Speaker

How to build your web presence around topics and entities

Reach out stage – 2:30 PM

Full BIO

Helena Barras

Newcastle Building Society - Sponsorship & Brand Director

How the right Branding and sponsorship can grow customer loyalty

Imagination stage – 1:00 PM

Full BIO

Rafal Gemza

Digital Ethos - Data & Analytics Marketing Analyst

How the structure of your website affects SEO

Tech brain stage – 2:30 PM

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Greg Gifford

Local SEO

SearchLab Digital

Tech brain stage – 3.00 PM

Full BIO

Alam Hosseinbor

ShoppingIQ - Head of Performance

How Shopping Tech can grow your retail campaigns in 2021

Tech brain stage – 12:00 PM

Full BIO

Jake Barrett

Barrrett Film & Video Production | Film & Video Production Expert

Video is no longer a luxury

Imagination stage – 12:00 PM

Full BIO

Lewis Glen

Digital Ethos - SEO Consultant

How we got these local businesses to number 1. Schema and Microdata made super easy for you

Reach out stage – 10:00 AM

Full BIO

Jenny Cross

Cross Productions

How to write lead generation content

Reach out stage – 2:00 PM

Full BIO

Craig Campbell

SEO Consultant

Growth with affiliate marketing

Tech brain stage – 10:00 AM

Full BIO

Ryan Hall

The Zeitgeist - Chief Growth Officer

Key ingredients for making your service business growth ready

Reach out stage – 3:00 PM

Full BIO

Gavriel Landau

Founder of Charm Impact

Doing good when times are bad – helping businesses to flourish with a sustainable strategy

Reach out stage – 3:30 PM

Full BIO

Steve Price

Graphic Designer

Creative and messaging Strategy

Imagination stage – 2:15 PM

Full BIO
Sam Hodgkinson

Sam Hodgkinson

Roxhill Media - VP Sales

Pitch to journalists like a PR pro

Imagination stage – 11:00 AM

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Matt Hall

Founder of Matt Hall Fitness

Grow employee wellbeing

Wellbeing break – 2:30 PM

Full BIO

David Sanderson

AdSmart Sky

AdSmart from Sky ; is Addressable TV the missing piece of the marketing puzzle that SME’s have been looking for?

Reach Out Stage – 10:30 AM

Full BIO

Clare Agg

Fitness 123

Grow your mind and body with Fitness online

Breakout stage –  12:00 PM

Full BIO

Jayden Halliday

Head of Operations - Leading Edge

Exciting ways to innovate and Grow

Money Tree stage – 11:30 AM

Full BIO

Anne Clews

Head of People Solutions - Curium Solutions

The importance of personal resilience: giving you the tools and techniques on taking care of yourself as a leader and an individual, particularly during this current pandemic.

Breakout Stage – 10:00 AM

Full BIO