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With speakers from Branding to SEO, employee engagement to growing your money tree there will be a Speaker for you.

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We have speakers from…

William Hansen

Xtreme Push - Head of Mobile

Talk: How to grow, understand and use your actionable consumer data

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Larry Kim

CEO of MobileMonkey

Talk: Growth Hacks

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Philip Macartney

Chief Commercial Officer

Talk: Preparing For A New Future

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Patrick Stox

Product Advisor, Technical SEO, & Brand Ambassador at Ahrefs

Talk: The Most Valuable SEO Presentation You’ll Ever See

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Luke Tobin

Digital Ethos – Managing Director

Talk: How to build at unstoppable speed

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Goldie Chan

Founder | Warm Robots

Talk: How to grow your hybrid brand both online and offline

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Bakti Jethwa

Digital Ethos - Paid Social Account Director

Talk: An Intro to LinkedIn Advertising

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Official Facebook Partner - Instagram Filter Creator at Doddz

Talk: The digital landscape is changing, adapt or die

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Dixon Jones

InLinks - SEO Speaker

Talk: How to find Content ideas that are growing in the public interest, then write about them in a way that lets you OWN the topic in the search results.

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Marcela De Vivo

Chief Executive Officer at Gryffin

Talk: 4 Principles to Optimize your Digital Sales Funnel

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Liliana Caimacan

Business Transformation Leader | Innovation & Design Thinking Expert | Global Marketing Director | Professor of Marketing, Disruptive Innovations, Design Thinking | Global Keynote Speaker| Startup Mentor & Advisor

Talk: Business agility and antifragility that drives future proofing

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Nina Stephenson-Camps


Talk: Power Up: Taking charge during changing times

Full BIO

Gavriel Landau

Founder of Charm Impact

Talk: Sustainability as the key to success

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David Sanderson

AdSmart Sky

Talk: Driving Growth with Addressable TV

Full BIO

Alison Burgess

Mindset Growth Facilitator at 'I have got this'

Talk: How mindset is the key to successfully navigating a changing world

Full BIO

Jason Aiginitis

Head Of Digital Marketing

Talk: The freedom and dangers of being remote in digital

Full BIO

Craig Campbell

SEO Consultant

Talk: SEO for growth

Full BIO

Kathryn Strachan

MD at Copy House

Talk: Key Ingredients to Boosting Brand Equity with Leading Content

Full BIO

Eli Schwartz

Growth Consultant and Advisor | Author of Product Led SEO | Keynote speaker

Talk: SEO out of the box

Full BIO

Joelle Irvine

Head of Growth & Marketing at Billdr | SEO | Speaker

Talk: #StartupLife: Scaling Fast with a Micro Team

Full BIO

Jenny Cross

Cross Productions

Talk: Understanding your audience

Full BIO

Rafal Gemza

Digital Ethos - Data & Analytics Marketing Analyst

Talk: Why brand experience is the future of Search Engine Optimisation

Full BIO

Candyce Costa

Chief Disruptor & Founder Disrupt Marketing & Female Tech Leaders /Women in Tech® Ambassador/ Tech Advocate/ International Speaker / Mentor / Investor/ Council Member at WEgate

Talk: Growth Sales Funnels and Lead Scoring

Full BIO

Sarkis Salleh

Managing Director of ITQ Digital

Talk: The Anatomy of a perfect category & product page

Full BIO

Jon Chang

Klarna Growth | Forbes 30 Under 30 | NYU Faculty | LinkedIn Learning Instructor

Talk: Engaging and converting tactics for growth

Full BIO

Nicola Kleinmann

Head of People, Employer Brand & Attraction Expert at Your People Associates
Full BIO

Lindsay Dayton LaShell

Marketing activist supporting justice, equity, and sustainability through access to excellent marketing strategies for women, queer, or BIPOC founders and nonprofits.

Talk: MVPs of your essential marketing assets to get started and how to use them to create something actionable

Full BIO

Cathy Lawson

Mindset Growth Facilitator at 'I have got this'

Talk: It’s the Thought That Counts – how mindset is the key to successfully navigating a changing world

Full BIO

Andreas Unt

CMO & co-founder @Adact | Gamification marketing 🎮 | Helping companies to grab the spotlight

Talk: How to Use Gamification in Marketing in 2021

Full BIO

Jenn Herman

Speaker | Consultant | Strategist

Talk: How to grow your business on instagram

Full BIO

Ryan Hall

The Zeitgeist - Chief Growth Officer

Talk: Creating a proposition that sells

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