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Kathryn Strachan

MD at Copy House

Creating Fast-Paced Growth with Strategic Content | Technology Marketing Speaker

Kathryn Strachan is the owner & Managing Director of a leading technology content marketing agency in the UK, Copy House Ltd.

Kathryn started her career as a content marketing freelancer, working with a small group of clients across a range of industries. Within 15 months, she has made the decision to grow and scale up her business by opening Copy House. Since 2019, Copy House has turned into a successful content marketing agency specialising in technology and FinTech. In the first two years, Copy House has experienced a 900% growth and has successfully signed the Fintech Open Banking Giant, Klarna. Helping Klarna boost brand awareness via the use of cleverly crafted and engaging copy.

Copy House, work with well-known brands within this space including taking projects with FinTech giants Klarna and blue-chip brands like Cigna and Travelex. Completing on average 73 projects each month. Kathryn has also grown the team from a one-man-band into a strong team of eight, including an Account Manager, a Project Manager, three Copywriters, a Marketing Manager, a Personal Assistant and herself. Whilst continuing to expand further, as they look for other Senior and Junior copywriter talent to join the team.

Kathryn is also a successful industry speaker that specialises in SEO, Content Marketing, and Company Culture talks. She has participated in numerous industry-leading events, most recently becoming a SEMrush verified speaker. Kathryn is passionate about creating a world that’s more accessible and fair with the power of words.