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Sarkis Salleh

Managing Director of ITQ Digital

Currently the Managing Director of ITQ Digital.  Business leader of 15 years, specialising in helping develop profitable e-Commerce businesses and building long term relationships.

Having managed the development and delivery as well as ongoing support of over 100 e-commerce websites since starting ITQ Digital bring a wealth of experience to this industry.Always looking to champion the underdogs of e-Commerce and help the independent companies and hidden champions to digitise their business, and level the playing field.

Love enabling privately owned experts in their field to grow their online business uninhibited through solving operational challenges.

Over the years have provided expert support, best practice advice and surrounded myself with a comprehensive portfolio of best-of-breed partners to address all aspects of online commerce, with which I have deep and trusted relationships.

Growing up in an international community and having travelled quite a bit (before COVID) has helped me manage people, projects and delivery across geographical and cultural divides successfully.

Attention to detail, transparency, honesty and forward thinking to help have a positive impact on the companies I represent is what I am all about.