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New schedule coming soon for Friday 1st October 2021!

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Past schedule for January event

Lewis Glen – 10:00 AM

Digital Ethos

How we got these local businesses to number 1. Schema and Microdata made super easy for you

David Sanderson – 10:30 AM


Chris Burgess – 12:00 PM

LinkedIn – Glint

Employee engagement to grow your profitability

Lucija Marinov – 12:30 PM


Talking about her own experience in the industry, working with C-levels across EMEA markets helping them achieve their goals!

Jenny Cross – 2:00 PM

Cross Productions

How to write lead generation content

Dixon Jones – 2:30 PM


How to build your web presence around topics and entities

Ryan Hall – 3:00 PM

The Zeitgeist

Key ingredients for making your service business growth