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New schedule coming soon for Friday 1st October 2021!

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Past schedule for January event

Craig Campbell – 10:00 AM

SEO Consultant

Growth with affiliate marketing

Finley Cope – 10:30 AM

Bazar App

Growth with affiliate marketing

William Hansen – 11:30 AM

Xtreme Push

Maximising customer engagement in 2021 (being Mobile first)

Alam Hosseinbor – 12:00 PM


How Shopping Tech can grow your retail campaigns in 2021

Michal Pecanek – 12:30 PM


SEO Data Mythbusting: Are You Analyzing the Right Data?

Ogie Hollywood – 1:00 PM



Rafal Gemza – 2:30 PM

Digital Ethos

How the structure of your website affects SEO

Greg Gifford – 3:00 PM

SearchLab Digital

Local SEO to grow!

Nik Hudson – 3:30 PM

Digital Ethos

Conversion Rate Optimisation: 10 tips to turn web visitors into buyers

Nin Gandi-Patel – 4:00 PM

Enquiry Bot

The next evolution in website engagement – how to reduce your bounce rate