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Alam Hosseinbor

ShoppingIQ – Head of Performance

Alam is Head of Performance at ShoppingIQ, a Google Partner for Shopping Ads. ShoppingIQ is an award-winning tech firm designed to resolve various performance limitations when it comes to Shopping Ads. It the only shopping tool that allows brands to control the keywords they serve against in the shopping space, to eliminate wastage and increase bids on what drives positive ROI. Not even Google allows for this. We make this possible. Free competitor monitoring and bidding, as well as many other SMART features are included as standard.

More about Alam: As well as being a tech geek, Alam has helped businesses grow. He founded Social442, which is now the largest football social platform in the UK. As you may guess, Alam is a football fan, and unfortunately, (says Alam) I am a Blackburn Rovers supporter at this point in time, although, we hope to be in the Premiership soon.

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