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Lewis Glen

Digital Ethos – SEO Consultant

Acting as an SEO Account Manager for 5+ years as a Technical and Content SEO Specialist. Lewis’ role has branched out into every part of a digital team, working closely with PPC, Social, Content, UX and Web Development to create physical results.

At the end of the day, getting high volume keywords with the correct search intent to position 1-3 to improve his clients revenue is Lewis’ strength. Lewis looks to bring the benefits and contribution a client not only needs, but doesn’t expect. Talking with his clients to form that trust and get then excited about what is happening each month, while being that member of the team who is there to make everyone’s lives easier.

Outside of work Lewis says he is a dork supreme, not like a Harry Potter fan, more building computers and running D&D games. Lewis is getting his own Youtube Channel together for a mix of gaming, self improvement and marketing vodcasts. He collects interesting whiskey and rum bottles (After finishing them of course) and play on the first team for his local rugby club every now and then.

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